Frequently Asked Questions

Will someone answer the Homeowner Association phone number when I call?

When you call #407 396-0848, We use a voicemail system; your call does not ring into someone’s home. The homeowners association uses volunteer help for all of its work and returning phone calls. We try to return calls within a few days.


How do I obtain PARKING PERMITS for special events? 

Please print and fill out a Parking Permit Request form and drop off the Request Form into our box located at the IWHOA Community Building, 3101 Polynesian Isle Blvd. The box is next to the door of the building facing the Osceola Parkway. Parking Permit Request Forms can be obtained from this website . The request must be submitted at least 5 full business days before the Parking Permit is needed. Only 5 Permits per day, per Residents, are allowed. When the request is received, it is processed by a volunteer and then mailed to the requested residence. Permits are for SPECIAL OCCASIONS and NOT for everyday use and each residential address can make up to 5 permit requests per year. Requests made on the old forms will NO longer be accepted. Incomplete requests will not be accepted. Please be sure that you print out the most current form.

How late can we have a party at our home?

There are no guidelines or laws against the number of guests allowed at your party. The main issues are noise and parking. In spite of the common belief that noise does not have to stop until 11 PM, the reality is that the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office can be summoned for excessive noise during ANY hour of the day. If you are having a party you can be ticketed for excessive noise during any hour of any day. Even if the noise comes from inside your home. Parking vehicles on the street, lawn and right of way is not acceptable and WILL result in a $100  fine per vehicle per deed restriction violation. Parking permits can be requested in advance from the HOA. See Parking Permit Forms – Indian Wells HOA (

What does it mean to have a “zero lot line”?

The Indian Wells Deed Restrictions explains zero lot lines in Section 14 of the Restrictions on Real Estate for Indian Wells (Click Here for an excerpt of the Deed Restrictions).

Do I have a right to the side of my home on the Adjacent Lot?

Section 14 of the Restrictions on Real Estate for Indian Wells states, “that the owner of the Subservient Lot shall have the right, at reasonable times and upon reasonable notice to the owner of the Adjacent Lot, to enter into the Easement area for the purpose of maintaining and making repairs to the Dwelling on the Subservient Lot, and the owner of the Subservient Lot shall have the right to have the overhang from the roof of the Dwelling on such lot to intrude onto Easement Area.” (Click here for an excerpt of the Deed Restrictions)

Who owns what part of the fence?

The survey of your property will indicate where your property lines are, which will tell you where your fence should or should not be.

Do I need a permit to install or repair the fence in our yard?

Osceola County requires a permit for fences. Please visit their web page to view and download the permit package (Click Here). You will also need to submit a written request to the association’s Architectural Review Committee for approval per the deed restrictions of Indian Wells.

Do I need a permit to make repairs to my home?

Before doing any repairs we recommend that you contact the Osceola County Permit Department at #407-742-0200 to find out if the type of repair will need a permit or not. It is always best to check first to avoid a possible fine.  Also please consult the Indian Wells Deed Restrictions for guidance.

Can the HOA recommend various contractors? (i.e. grass cutters, tree trimmers, roofers, painters, etc.)

Unfortunately, the Homeowners Association can not make any recommendations. However, we do advise that before you hire anyone, you should check them out with the Better Business Bureau (Click Here) .

How often should I cut my lawn?

There are no specific rules although you should keep it neat, edged, and trimmed. The county code enforcement department will require you to cut your lawn and trim your hedges. If they are not maintained regularly, failure to comply can result in substantial penalties.

Do I need to pick up after my pet’s waste while walking them in the community?

Yes, all visitors and residents are required by law to pick up after their pets. Please see Osceola County Ordinance #87-9 which addresses leashing, curbing and cleaning up after your pet(s). Those who don’t may be issued a $500 fine. Please do not throw pet waste, with or without it being in a bag, into the storm drains. You may report violations to #407-742-8000. For the convenience of our residents, we have placed several Doggie Stations around the community.

Can a LONG-TERM RENTER join the HOA?

No they cannot, only home owners can join.

I have seen suspicious neighbors or strangers in the neighborhood that may be participating in criminal activity. What can I do?

The Osceola County Sheriff’s non emergency line does not require that you leave your name. Please report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s non-emergency line at #407-348-2222. Please see the Sheriff’s Frequently Asked Questions page (Click Here).

Who do I call if I see a street light out?

Please take the number off of the side of the street light in question and the nearest address and call Duke Energy at #1-800-700-8744. You may also report the problem at their website (Click Here).

Who do I call if about a pothole or a dangerous street condition?

Please call the Osceola County Road & Bridges Department at #407-742-7500. They also have an on line reporting page that you may access (Click Here).

I would like to extend the width of my driveway. Is a permit required?

Before widening of a driveway you have to obtain a Driveway Permit from Osceola County. Per Osceola County Ordinance #00-13, and the Indian Wells Deed Restrictions, the width of a driveway cannot be more than 24 feet. The County will require plans of the work to be submitted and an inspection will be completed before the permit is closed out. Click here for a copy of the permit request. However, please contact the County Department to be sure that you have the most up to date form, requirements, and information. You may also visit their site by clicking here.

If I extend the width of my driveway do I also need to extend the width of the apron (the part of the driveway that meets the street)?

Yes, per the Osceola County Development Review Department, if you extend the width of your driveway, the apron width must also be extended. Mr. John Collins, Supervisor of Inspections, informed us that per Chapter 4 of the “Land Development Code” (Click Here for a link to the code), the apron is required to be widened as well. Should you have any questions or disagree with the code, please reach out to their office at #407-742-0235.

I/We purchased our home and then received a notice from Osceola County Code Enforcement that the home is in violation of a code or ordinance. The violation occurred prior to our ownership. What should we do?

Unfortunately, this has occurred to new owners who had no idea that the home was in violation of a code or ordinance. Per The Indian Wells Homeowners Association deed restrictions, owners are supposed to get approval through the Architectural Review Board (ARC) as well as pull the necessary permits prior to starting any changes that affect the exterior of the home or lot. Some owners failed to do either one and instead chose to hire a company that did not pull the necessary permits or had completed the work themselves. The Association is not responsible for those owners who did not follow the correct procedures, and though the Association sympathizes with the new owner, it is not in the Associations power to force people to follow the correct procedures or rules. The Association has reached out to the Osceola County Code Enforcement Office to see what the new owner should do. Mr. Ron Cole advised, “They just need to apply for an after the fact permit and hope the work that was completed will meet today’s code. If for some reason it does not meet the code standard they will have to remove and replace what they have to meet today’s standard.” We understand that this is a hard pill to swallow and can only advise new owners, who are upset by the situation, to contact an attorney or the title company that they used and deal with the previous owner(s).

Is solicitation allowed in the community?

Solicitation is not allowed in the Indian Wells Community per Osceola County Ordinance #14-9. If you suspect someone of solicitation please call the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line at #407-348-2222.

When is trash picked up?

Household Garbage: Thursdays

Yard Waste: Wednesdays

Recyclables: Wednesdays

Per Osceola County Ordinance all trash receptacles and materials to be picked up must be kept in your garage or behind your fence until 6:00pm of the evening before pickup. Receptacles must be removed by 6:00pm the day of pick up.

Which Schools would my child(ren) attend? (Click on the school name to visit the school web page)

Elementary – Reedy Creek Elementary

Middle School – Kissimmee Middle School

High School – Celebration High School

*Please confirm with School Board as boundaries may change.