New Owners & Residents,

Welcome to Indian Wells. Ours is a residential community with a diverse ethnic population. Our streets are named for Native American Indians. Our recreation Park is located on Polynesian Isle Boulevard across from its intersection with Thunder Cloud Drive.

The Indian Wells Osceola County Homeowners Association, Inc., known as the Indian Wells Homeowners Association, is a voluntary association which has played a vital roll in the development of our community. The Association Members Meetings are held  at 3101 Polynesian Isle Blvd. (next to the Osceola Parkway). We are a “Non Solicitation” community.

Our Recreation Park is under the ownership and management of the Association. It is intended for the use of HOA Members and their guests. It contains a swimming pool, tennis courts, each accessible with a key, a basketball court and an open ball field. Numbered pool and/or tennis court keys have been assigned to each member. Keys are changed annually. A selling owner is responsible for returning their keys to the Association.  Replacement keys require a fee. We use the address of Kissimmee, FL 34746, but we are not located within the City of Kissimmee. We are located in unincorporated Osceola County and are governed by their Ordinances, protected by the County Sheriff and assisted by the Osceola County Emergency Medical Service. Thank you for being a valued resident. Here you will find more information that we hope is helpful.





The Indian Wells Homeowners Association Membership Committee cordially invites you to become a member of the association.  Membership will give you a voice at our meetings and a vote in selecting officers.

The Recreation Park & Pool:
Hours of operation:
Park: 10:00am ~ Sunset
Pool: 10:00am ~ Sunset

Please note that the Park & Pool are for the enjoyment of our Members and their guest (pool use is limited to 4 guests). The hours are subject to change based on the weather. If using the pool please be sure to observe the “Pool Rules”. Should you see something that is in need of repair please email us via our Contact page. Please report any suspicious activity or persons to the Sheriff’s Office by calling their non-emergency number at #407-348-2222. Remember to be respectful of these areas as they are for everyone’s enjoyment.

There are and have always been, some restrictions on the use of our park. The rules have been formulated by the Board of Directors in order to ensure the safety and availability of the park for the greatest number of those who are entitled to use the facilities.  If you have any specific questions regarding the rules, please address your questions to us at #407-396-0848.  Please leave your name and phone number in order that you receive a response.  Liability  prohibits the use of the park for any and all organized sports.  Please Remember, DOGS ARE NOT PERMITTED in the Indian Wells Park.  Violators may be trespassed by the Sheriff with an Osceola County Trespass Notice.

Use of the picnic shelter in our park for parties or picnics requires an advance reservation and a refundable $25 clean-up deposit.  The deposit will be promptly returned if the area is clean of all trash and garbage. Cooking is prohibited 3 hours before park closing in order to be certain no hot coals remain.  This time will be adjusted just as park closing is adjusted throughout the year. Phone #407-396-0848 for reservations.



The Recreation Park & Pool Parking Lot is for those who are using the facilities. It may not be used for any other type of parking.

Right of Way parking is prohibited within the community. You may apply for a on street parking permit should you be hosting a special event. Please fill out the form (click here) and deposit them into the box on the Parkway side of the Community Building. Request need to be submitted at least 7 business days before day requested. Please see Osceola County Ordinance #00-13 (click here) for further information. A diagram explaining right away is pictured at the bottom of the Ordinance page. Please be aware that Osceola County Code Enforcement Officers regularly patrol the community and written and/or verbal warnings are not given. Requests made on the old forms will no longer be accepted. Please be sure that you print out the most current form.

Parking Permit Request Form


Trash Collection:



Recycling will be “single stream” which means that all recyclables will go in one can.

Per County Ordinance, please DO NOT place your garbage curbside earlier than 6:00 p.m. the night before scheduled pick-up. Please remove promptly after collection. Garbage should be placed within 3 feet of your curb by 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day. This will ensure timely service.



Community Landscaping:

Community appearance or “curb appeal” – is crucial to attracting new homeowners and keeping existing ones happy.  Our common areas require regular maintenance, including having the turf mowed on a regular basis.  But landscape care doesn’t end with our weekly “mow and blow.” Recently our community has been experiencing a problem with animals using our community landscaping to “relieve” themselves. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent to initially design and landscape Polynesian Isle Blvd. Additionally, it takes thousands of dollars annually to maintain the grounds and landscape in pristine condition. All of which comes out of our tax dollars. We are asking ALL residents to be considerate of each other and help us maintain that curb appeal that is so striking when entering and exiting our Indian Wells community. PLEASE be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your beloved pets.



Precinct 20 is no longer located in the Association building at 3101 Polynesian Isle Blvd. It has been moved (by the Supervisor of Elections) to Fire Station #42 on Poinciana Blvd. The Fire Station is located about 1 mile south of US 192 on Poinciana Blvd. Please remember this location for the next election or you can vote from your home by using an absentee ballot that may be requested by phoning the Election Supervisor’s office at #407-742-6000 or by visiting their website (click here).



The government manager of the Federal Flood Insurance Program has advised all currently insured owners to renew their insurance and all those without Flood Insurance, to get insured. We are within one mile of a high-risk flood area, according to local flood hazard maps. That means there’s an increased chance of damage to your home. Click here to see the county website.

Storm Sewers:

Everything that enters our storm sewers will either block the sewer or end up in our retention pond (lake). Don’t discard anything into the sewers and please tell violators of these results. We have a beautiful retention pond with plenty of fish and ducks that many enjoy. Let us keep it that way. The county has been notified of the condition of our lake but we also ask your assistance by notifying your lawn maintenance vendors to please not blow any grass clippings into our streets.

Polynesian Isle Blvd:

Speed measuring radar devices have been placed which will transmit the data to the Sheriff’s Office for enforcement. Should this fail to slow folks down then speed bumps or a traffic signal may be the best solution.

Littering of the Blvd: if you see a garbage truck loosing it’s trash please note the name of the company, brief description of vehicle and please call the voice mail at #407-396-0848.


Security cameras record all activity in our recreational areas. We need your help to keep our common areas free from vandalism.  We’re asking all residents to call the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line at #407-348-2222 to report any suspicious activity that they may witness. This can be done anonymously. Anyone caught vandalizing property within the Indian Wells community will be prosecuted.