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Do you  need a Pool/Park Key?

If you are a homeowner,  HOA Dues are $75 per year and come with a FREE POOL KEY. If you prefer, you can purchase for $125, but lets face it, it is more economical to just join the HOA (and get all the benefits!).

If you are a renter, contact your owner NOW so they can send in their dues. Payment is preferred in advance.  OWNERS, Property Managers and Tenants can pick up keys.  Owners can submit paperwork in advance, and tenants can pick up keys. As long as all the paperwork is received and payment is made,  we will release keys.  Payment should be made in advance, although we will accept CASH (please have exact amount on hand).  Applications are on our website under FORMS

We will need Management Agreements, Lease Agreements and Power of Attorney Agreements from Property Management Companies, Lease Agreements from Owners if they rent. WE also need Picture Identification.

Keys are distributed at 3101 Polynesian Isle Boulevard (at the Clubhouse). We will have several sessions in January, then we will have one Monthly Session the rest of the year (most likely on Sundays). We will make special arrangements for our Out of State owners who only travel to Indian Wells briefly. Please email us ahead of time and we will accommodate you. We do not make visits to homes and we do not take visitors at our homes. We will meet at the Clubhouse. Please understand, we are volunteers. this is not our job. We all have our own jobs. We try out best to accommodate everyone.

Any questions, please message us or call.  If you have any questions, contact me at Secyiwhoa@aol.com.

Should have you any questions, please do not hesitate to ask-email or message me. Thanks!

Applications are available on our website and must be submitted in order to receive a key.  Should you have any questions, please contact our office at (407) 396-0848 or email at indianwellshoafla@gmail.com. Thank you for your assistance.




November 15, 2018

REMINDER to all residents of Indian Wells, per Osceola County Ord. No. 2017-49, § 1, 8-7-17, Dogs MUST be on a leash cord, chain, bridle, rope, halter or other appropriate physical restraint when off the owner’s premises.